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Keesha Keesha Keesha Keesha

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I love a man who takes control and goes for whatever he wants sexually. It feels natural to me. A man who wants his women sucking and fucking. And swallowing. Taking me in any hole he wants, whenever he wants. I crave being on my knees and being used by cock. I would take cock after cock if my master wanted me to. I would do glory holes and gang bangs and circle jerk suckoff sessions. I would please just him or as many as he wanted me to. This is very exciting to me. I am so wet thinking about it right now. I crave cock so badly, all the time. I know I'm a nympho cock slut and I love being such a slutty girl. I take pride in my oral talents and many other sexual skills I have developed.

Speaking of skills, my landlord came to the door one day to collect rent while I was geting fucked by the guy next door. I saw him peeking through the window and I decided to give him a show. I went to town sucking on my neighbor's cock and then I begged him to fuck both of my horny holes. The landlord watched for a few minutes, just standing at the side of the door and peeking through the window next to it. Sometimes I had thought about sucking his cock like I did my boyfriend's. I thought he was cute, but I never dared to say that to him. I was cumming so hard thinking about him being turned on watching me. He left and came back later when I was alone. When I let him in, he grinned and said he came by earlier but I seemed busy. I smiled and blushed. He then asked me in a whisper if I was thinking about sex now and told me that he was available for sex anytime if I wanted it. He said if I was willing he was willing too. I kind of blushed and nodded my head. He asked me to tell him if I had thought about fucking him. I admitted that I was thinking about him going all the way with me. He was surprised but happy and smiled, and then he asked me what I knew about sex. I shyly told him that I knew a few things about it. Then I told him how I did some things with my boyfriend already and that I liked it a lot.

Well my landlord kissed me, grabbed my tits and sucked on them and put his fingers in me. He made me feel really good. He pushed my head down towards his cock and I started to suck him off. He told me it felt sooo good as he slid in and out of my mouth. Since his cock was so nice, I couldn't wait for him to fuck me after. He started breathing heavy and said that he would love to show me a thing or two. He called me baby and pulled me up close to him. I started to touch him again, and then he laid back. I was excited to show him what I already knew first. I removed his pants and put my face back down o his crotch. His cock was so fucking hard, just like my boyfriend's but bigger! I dove immediately on his dick with my mouth and he began to moan again right away. I was loving it and he was loving it, and he kept repeating SUCK ME baby SUCK ME. He was so hot he grabbed my head. I took it all in my mouth, and I mean I took every bit of it. He was getting harder. It was sliding in deeper in my mouth and I didnít miss a beat. He was out of control horny and said he had to fuck me NOW. He turned me over, got me on all fours and began fucking me. It was so hot! He kept fucking me really good, and I could feel his balls banging against my clit, which drives me fucking crazy! He told me he was ready to explode but that he wanted to know what else I knew. I said that was about it, and then he told me to take off all of my clothes for him. I got up and took off the rest of my clothes as he smiled.

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Keesha Keesha Keesha Keesha

Keesha... 1-888-479-9225 x 709

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