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"I love dick!" Dena says. "I've pretty much been hungry for it ever since I can remember. One of my first sexual experiences was with a group of older guys. [chuckles] There was a bonfire party after a football game. I was one of the few girls remaining there after a while, as it was getting late. Everyone was drinking - including me. Guys were making moves on me all night, copping a feel here and there, flirting with me and telling me how cute I was, etc. I loved it! My virgin pussy was throbbing that night, and I enjoyed letting them touch it whenever their fingers roamed. I even leaned against some of them, spreading my legs further apart so they could have easier access! They started getting me to touch their hard cocks too, and eventually a bunch of guys maneuvered me behind a storage shed next to the football field and 'helped' me out of my clothes. I felt so fucking hot, I didn't care if I was a virgin. All I know is that I wanted cock! At least 6 guys were all touching me at once, pinching my nipples, sucking on them, fingering my pussy, french kissing me, feeling my ass, squeezing it a little, and slowly pushing me down onto my knees. Several others were just stroking their cocks, watching and waiting for their turns. I was dripping and ready for anything. This was the first of many 'group sessions' that I have had the utmost pleasure of being a part of. Anyway, after that I was the girl who never said no to cute guys who wanted blowjobs - and often a fuck or two (or three, or more... haha...) I'm a great fuck and I love guys who enjoy getting nasty. I really love a guy taking charge and telling me to do whatever he wants me to do, calling me hot names while he gives me his dick in whichever hole he feels like at the moment. I love getting fucked in every hole for real, no joke. I love to play with my pussy and I especially love the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of my mouth, because I go crazy and get off so hard on that. I love playing with my pussy and cumming over and over again! Roleplay is great too, I can get into many different fantasies. I can never have too many orgasms, so do your dick a favor and CALL ME NOW! I'll definitely give it the treatment it deserves and show you just how incredibly wild and horny I really am!"

Dena Dena Dena Dena

Dena... 1-888-479-9225 x 711

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